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Alder has done well for itself by selling home security the traditional way — professionally installed systems and a subscription or contract based monitoring service. While they might still have success with that model for a while longer, it looks like the home security mainstay is finally starting to reckon with what home security increasingly looks like — simply DIY systems with smart home connectivity. They started getting with the times last year by enabling some connectivity between their alarm systems and other connected devices, but this year they’re going full bore with their first DIY home security kit. The Alder Security Home Security Starter Kit will be sold by Samsung as a SmartThings product. The starter kit includes a hub unit, two door and window detectors, and a motion detector.

The hub unit includes a 7″ touchscreen that can be used to arm the alarm system or function as a SmartThings hub to control any other smart home devices you use in your home. The hub also includes a siren and can use cellular connectivity as a backup if your home Wi Fi network is interrupted. Samsung and Alder will also sell an expansion kit, which is more focused on safety than security — in that kit, you’ll find fire, carbon monoxide, and water detection sensors. But, nothing there is new — we’ve seen similar DIY kits from the likes of SwannOne and Alder Security over the years, both of which have sold for far less than the eye watering asking price of $550 for this Alder Security starter kit the expansion kit starts at $200, but can go up if you want to add more sensors. The extra money is probably going to the Alder name, which isn’t nothing.

The company has offered home security services for over 100 years, so their professional monitoring service is very well established. That monitoring service extends from security to safety — if the carbon monoxide sensor is triggered, Alder will call you and tell you. It would probably make a lot of sense if you wanted to set older relatives up with a security and safety system without paying a heftier price for a professionally installed system.

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